Being Human Together


We are Village-makers, obligated to those who come after us by knowing our consequence in this world. We're no longer staking claims, we've been claimed.

The Western World has let us down, strip-mining our shared Earth for resources - human, animal, mineral and all the rest. There's not much left for the maw of consumerism and jobs to devour. Nearly everything wild and free has been fenced, domesticated or assimilated, sent running for the few swamps remaining to hide in. Indigenous cultures and languages are becoming as extinct as the Passenger Pigeon, Tasmanian Wolf and Chinese River Dolphin.

Western Civilization runs on a story - one story that grew out of a particular place and a particular time - carrying the trauma and homelessness of agricultural expansionism, while confusing it with freedom. The West has been called a "poorly designed human zoo;" one that domesticates, cages and indoctrinates, but does a poor job of meeting our humanness. Addictions, mental diagnoses, toxicity, extinctions, consumerism and endless growth are all consequences of the trauma of the West - and that phantom, unrecognized grief of our common inheritance: "there must be something more to life than this." In this gnawing uneasiness, the phantom limb of our humanness can be found, grasping for connection and togetherness, and pleading for our humanity. 

Village at the Bend is an experiment in what we're calling the "human zoo redesign." Things didn't have to be this way - it wasn't inevitable - and it can be otherwise. This is our offering in the work of repair. We're receiving guidance from those among us who have a lived experience with village life. As a living, breathing laboratory for how it all might be, we often stop to wonder aloud together how it came to be this way and how it could still be for us - and then proceed as if our humanness were a true thing worth continually forging. We find the Revolution lies in not only trusted connection to each other, but through learning the difficult and often unwanted things. We are making a way toward entrusting the young among us with enlivened soils, liberated births and home-dying, and village-making burials. We're tending to holistic education, midwifing a growing hyperlocal economy, decolonizing our minds, and sensing that a unique culture may one day be born of this place. We're listening to the whispers of our Ancients and the land that sustains us and rests the bones of our Beloveds. We are Village-Makers.



We're building a world. How are we doing it? What are our challenges and who's guiding us? Find out about asset-mapping, culture-making and what is means to develop a hyperlocal economy here. 

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Keep up with how were doing. We're launching micro- enterprises, farming, dealing with challenges, while developing and designing as we go! We welcome your thoughts, shared experiences, and stories in the comments.

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