Our land

Approximately 150 acres of shared woodland, fields, farms, trails, ponds and streams. Each member of the Village owns or rents, there is no commonly owned land. We tend this place as people of consequence, knowing this land sustains us, and holds the bones of our beloveds. This is the land that claims us, the land we will entrust to our children, the land that will cradle our bodies when our endings come. 


Forest & trails

Our woodland home is traversed with a trail system that has been developed over many years and is maintained by community members. The trailheads are marked with metal sculpture, leading through about a square mile of forest, traversing seasonal streams and ridges. Our annual Spring event, Trail Crawl - happening for twenty years now - brings togethr our community together to enjoy spring flowers, food and fun. 



Lyle Estill planted the Orchard years ago, and is  one of a few folks who's tended to sapling nut trees and lived to see a harvest. This year his chestnuts will produce a sizable crop. Go Lyle! The Orchard is also planted with plum, apple, pear, pawpaw and blueberry. 


Feilds, Farms & Gardens

Nearly every villager here is tending a fabulous garden. Perennials, pollinators, medicinals, and annual vegetables. Sparkroot Farm and Chef Kabui's large garden are expanding in design and scope to serve the village and our programming. 


Pittsboro & NC's piedmont

NC's piedmont is where the hills roll. Land here is largely wooded, with pastures, and creeks leading to the Haw River and nearby Jordan Lake which offer a beautiful spot for swimming and kayaking.