Dimensions Family School


DFS Chatham is nestled in here with several homeschooling families and neighbors with various backgrounds, resources, and skills to share. The school has access to the Bend's 150 acre campus of forest, trails, ponds, creeks, animal and vegetable farms, orchards, a playing field, and a wood, glass, and metalworking shop. DFS facilities also include three classrooms, a common area, and a full kitchen.

Serving ages 4-19, DFS Chatham provides an outdoor early school, elementary, middle and high school program. In addition to rigorous academic offerings in math, science, reading, writing, and history, DFS Chatham will offer project-based courses in creek and ecosystem monitoring, growing, cooking, and selling crops, animal husbandry, aquaponics system management, and construction. Numerous possibilities for internships and independent studies abound with locals who do organic farming, metalworking, new construction and remodeling, and permaculture landscape design. Clubs will be based on student interest: frisbee golf, trail running and astronomy are possibilities.