Sparkroot Farm

Sparkroot is a Village-making and Permaculture Teaching and Learning House.

Our work is in remembering what it means to be a human being, at a time such as this: when cultures, lands, forests, clean waters and species are being lost to the trouble we've inherited. We are finding our way, listening to the wisdom keepers among us, cobbling together a path by learning the wreckage, and knowing we carry inside us a certain capacity to wonder our way to a Better Day.

Western Civilization runs on a story - one story growing out of a particular place and particular time - and it carries the trauma, pain and homelessness of agricultural expansionism, while confusing it with freedom. It never had to be this way, it isn't this way everywhere, and it's not inevitable. The West has been called a "poorly designed human zoo;" one that domesticates, cages, confines, and indoctrinates, but does a poor job of meeting our humanness. Addictions, mental diagnoses, disease, extinctions and the epidemic of endless growth consumerism are all consequences of the trauma of the West - that gnawing feeling of our common inheritance: "there must be something more to life than this." In this fleeting feeling lies the phantom limb of our humanness crying out for recognition, connection, and togetherness.

"To awaken these days isn't wise; if you awaken in our time, you to so with a sob."    ~Stephen Jenkinson

Sparkroot invites you to awaken with us, while we walk our way to a Better Day. Our way of proceeding is in making an offering on what we're calling the "human zoo redesign" project. We're receiving guidance from those among us who have lived experience with village life. As a living, breathing laboratory for how it all might be, we often stop to wonder aloud together how it came to be this way and how might be otherwise - and then proceed as if our humanness were a true thing worth continually forging and tending to.

We have realized the Revolution lies in not only trusted connection to each other, but through learning difficult and often unwanted things. The labor of Sparkroot is in knowing not only that you are you needed -- but that you are mandatory -- to the spiritual project we have been entrusted with.  Sparkroot is a place to learn how you may put your shoulder to the wheel of the work of your days, that those arriving after us may inherit a fuller, kinder, saner world - and in so doing may we become "ancestors worth claiming." 

Village-Making School

Most of us are in North America have either long forgotten - or are now forgetting - the cultures of our origins. And so we wonder together what culture is, how humans are forged, and what we might still become. We gather around stories and music, books and authors, around tables seated with friends from faraway lands, around teachers, elders, poets, healers, and bards. We seek to Remember. 


Alpine dairy goats Clara, Frida and Kitten provide us with three gallons of milk per day which we make  turn into fresh chèvre herbed from the hilltop garden. We also put the milk to use in the making of yogurt and goat-milk soaps for sale in the farm shop. We make a long-lasting lathery bar of soap, scented with essential oils and herbs. Lavender Cedarwood Sage and Rosemary Mint are two favorites.

Soaps will be     available  Nov 1.

Each year we have a number of kid-goats born to the mamas - we welcome folks to visit the babes while they frolic in the springtime sun. Births usually occur in March or April and fresh milk flows into the bucket two weeks later. 


Permaculture Farm & Classes

We aim to farm in village-minded collectives permaculturally. Our farm serves our village and our programming, with surplus available at our farm stand. We bring people together in classes, workshops and intensives learning permaculture techniques, honoring soil, forests and all beings in the ethic of "earth care, people care and fair share."



Our high tunnel hoophouse will be planted up in greens for Fall and is expected to keep us going all winter long. The extensive aquaponics system will grow winter greens and bluegill, with teaching workshops beginning Spring 2018. 



Sparkroot is an education farm and village-making school. We are looking for creative, passionate people to come and be a part of our community - farming, gardening, building and tending to animals! This is great opportunity to be a part of the early stages of this energetic hub.


Green burial services

Sparkroot administers a Conservation Burial Ground which is open to public burial and visitation. We offer home funeral guidance and coordinate healing services for dying people and their families. 


Our honor-system farmstand will have chèvre (pet use only) and eggs, vegetable produce and soaps available September 1.



We have an extensive hilltop garden being expanded and improved upon all the time. Used for teas, soaps, culinary magic and medicine, we welcome community members and visitors to enjoy and partake. 

 Sparkroot Director, Alisa Esposito, and Urban Permaculture Activist,  Maurice Small , walking the Labyrinth.

Sparkroot Director, Alisa Esposito, and Urban Permaculture Activist, Maurice Small, walking the Labyrinth.

 Sparkroot pollinator garden design, pre-planting, post-earthworks.

Sparkroot pollinator garden design, pre-planting, post-earthworks.